What Types of Anxiety Disorder Effects Teens?

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A wide range of mental health disorders impact teenagers daily, but none are more common than the many anxiety disorders categorized in the DSM-5. Studies suggest that 32% of all teenagers have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Still, it is essential to understand what types of anxiety disorders affect teens because it may affect treatment options.

A human’s teenage years are critical to that individual’s overall growth and development – not just physically but mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Anything getting in the way of that growth and development – such as an anxiety disorder – can be troublesome.

While anxiety disorders can severely disrupt a teenager’s ability to live a happy, healthy, quality, and meaningful life, there is good news is that anxiety disorders are highly treatable. The problem is most people with an anxiety disorder aren’t getting the treatment they deserve. 



Excessive, persistent, and prolonged feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, or doubt characterize an anxiety disorder. The anxiety is so severe that it negatively impacts the individual’s performance at work or school, social life, relationships, and other essential daily activities. 

When diagnosing an anxiety disorder, mental health professionals look for several symptoms associated with anxiety, worry, or fear – including restlessness (feeling on edge), frequent fatigue, difficulty concentrating or focusing, irritability, muscle tension, and sleep disturbance. 

Living with an anxiety disorder puts teenagers and adults at risk of developing other mental health conditions – such as depression. It can also change someone’s behavior and might lead to the misuse of drugs or medication. Luckily, anxiety disorders are treatable conditions. 



Anxiety is the human body’s normal and natural response to stress. It’s necessary for survival, allowing us to feel alert or cautious in high-pressure situations and moments of danger. We all experience anxiety to some degree regularly, though most of us have control over it. 

An anxiety disorder is much different from the typical anxiety we feel regularly. The kind of anxiety doesn’t go away, and the symptoms are so severe that they interfere with your ability to live a quality, happy, healthy, rewarding, and meaningful lifestyle. 



Anxiety disorders are a group of conditions that are characterized by similar symptoms. With that said, there are many different types of anxiety disorders, and those diagnosed with one will have a unique experience with it – this is especially true with teenagers and adolescents. 

Let’s take a quick look at what types of anxiety disorder affects teens and adolescents:

  • Social Anxiety Disorder – those with social anxiety disorder often avoid social settings for fear of being embarrassed, humiliated, or rejected by others. 
  • Panic Disorder – those with a panic disorder have recurrent panic attacks that are met with both physical and psychological distress. 
  • Phobias – also known as specific phobia, those with a phobia-related disorder have extreme fear or worry about a certain object, situation, or thing.
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder – those with separation anxiety disorder fear being separated from those they’re attached to. For teenagers, this is often their parents.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – this type of anxiety disorder is characterized by repetitive behaviors (compulsions) or unwanted thoughts (obsessions).
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – this type of anxiety disorder is triggered by a traumatic event or experience, such as rape, abuse, disasters, injuries, etc. 

Now that you know which types of anxiety disorders affect teens the most, you can start to look for the symptoms in your teenager at home. Early detection goes a long way in helping the teen receive the help they so desperately need within a reasonable period – so don’t hesitate!



Is your teenage son or daughter experiencing higher-than-normal levels of anxiety? Are they having difficulty coping with, overcoming, or controlling their anxiety? Is their anxiety starting to interfere with their schoolwork, social life, or overall happiness? Do they need assistance? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Adolescent Wellness Academy could be just what your teenager needs. Our South Florida afterschool anxiety treatment program is designed to give teenagers the support, resources, tools, and assistance needed when learning to manage their anxiety. 

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