What is the Number One Drug Used By Teens?

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The teen years are challenging, and young people have a lot on their proverbial plate. From the explosive development in their brains and body to peer pressure and increased expectations from academics and family, day-to-day life can often feel overwhelming. It comes as no surprise that some teens turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope with their stress. While teens may start to use drugs as a means to lessen stress, any amount of substance can quickly develop into addiction.

Why do teen abuse drugs? What is the number one drug abused by teens? What are common drugs abused by teens? This article will give you answers to those questions. Additionally, you will learn where you can find specialized help for your teen if they are struggling with substance abuse. Adolescent Wellness Academy is one of the top South Florida teen treatment centers. Our evidence-based programs and fusion of traditional and emerging therapies will help your teen overcome addiction. Call us today to learn more!


Why Do Teens Abuse Drugs?

Teen addiction continues to be a significant health and social issue in the United States. Statistics show that just over 2 million teens aged 12-17 reported using drugs in the past month. Also, nearly 13% of those aged 12-17 have tried marijuana in the past month. Additionally, 90% of those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol started during their teen years. Shockingly, underage drinking is the leading cause of unintentional injury, homicide, and suicide among those aged 12-20.

Why is teen addiction such a major and persistent issue? The most obvious reason for teen drug abuse is peer pressure and the desire to “fit in.” If a teen’s friends use drugs and alcohol, it can be very hard to turn down—especially if they want to feel accepted. Another major reason for teen addiction is a family history of substance abuse.


What is the Number One Drug Abused by Teens?

While teenagers have access to many substances, alcohol is still the drug of choice for young people. Information from the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey in 2019 states that 29% of high school students drank alcohol in the last 30 days, with 14% reporting binge drinking. Of those who reported binge drinking, female high school students were more likely to drink alcohol and binge drink when compared to male students.

Among other popular teenage drugs includes marijuana. According to information provided by the CDC, 43% of young adults reported using the drug in the past year.

While the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, the availability within the home and relative societal acceptance (compared to other illicit substances) make alcohol the most common substance to be abused by teens.

Another one of the most common drugs for teens to abuse are prescription medications. Common prescription drugs abused by teens are “study drugs” such as Adderall and Ritalin. These stimulant-based drugs help young people focus and stay awake for longer study times. Prescription medications are, like alcohol, often readily available within the home, either through the teen having their own prescription or a family member’s prescription.


How to Find Teen Treatment Programs in South Florida

If your teen son or daughter is struggling with substance abuse, it is imperative to find professional help. While you need to find treatment as soon as possible, you must find treatment programs specifically designed for the unique and specific needs of teenagers. The programs offered in teen programs need to be evidence-based and administered by counselors and clinicians with years of proven experience dealing with teen addiction issues. Most importantly, teen treatment programs need to offer multiple levels of care that can fit each teen’s needs.

As one of the best after-school recovery programs in South Florida, Adolescent Wellness Academy has a proven track record of helping teens recover from substance abuse and mental illness. Our unique programs fuse traditional and holistic therapies specifically designed for a teen’s needs. With a patient-to-counselor ratio of 6 to 1, our experienced staff can give your teen the attention they need throughout the treatment process.

Don’t let your child struggle another day with substance abuse or mental illness. Call Adolescent Wellness Academy and help them reclaim their life!

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