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The Academy of Adolescent Wellness was created for the residents of Davie, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale, Hollywood, Miramar, Hialeah, Pembroke Pines and more of the local South Florida community in order to help treat adolescents and teens suffering from substance abuse and mental illness. Our clinical team has crafted unique treatment services especially fit for the common issues that today’s teens face. The innovative use of psychological testing, traditional treatment therapies and modern, evidence-based approaches that help your teen recover for good.

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of lifetime cases of mental illness begin at 14 years of age.

Why Does My Teen Need Treatment?

America is currently in the midst of an addiction epidemic, unlike anything that has ever seen before. Over 200 Americans die every day from a drug-related incident. When you mix in the fact that mental health awareness is at an all-time high, it is perfect storms colliding making your teen extremely susceptible to substance abuse and mental illness.

Adolescence is a critical period for mental, social, and emotional well-being and development. During adolescence, the brain undergoes significant developmental changes, establishing neural pathways and behavior patterns that will last into adulthood. Currently, approximately 20% of adolescents have a diagnosable mental illness. We also know that by age 18, 1/3 of those teens with pre-existing mental conditions will become regular drinkers or drug users.

Knowing these facts, Principles Recovery Center created the Academy for Adolescent Wellness, a truly innovative program for teens and adolescents who are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse.

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    How Can Our South Florida Teen & Adolescent Treatment Center Can Help?

    As a treatment program for adolescents with emotional and externalizing behavioral disorders, including substance use and abuse, our clinical program is aimed at helping adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties. These can include. substance abuse. In addition, we give parents tools to identify risky behaviors, educate themselves on mental health and substance abuse as well as effective methods for parenting a teen displaying any related symptoms.

    We offer a variety of treatment services that treat both mental illness and substance abuse, as well as other risky behaviors that can lead to instability and chaos in your teen’s life. Our unique After-School Recovery Program allows our teen and adolescent clients to continue their academic career while also getting the proper treatment they need in an outpatient setting. The treatment process itself it simple.

    Our Treatment Process for Teens & Adolescents

    • Psychological Evaluation

    • Final Diagnosis

    • Individualized Treatment Plan

    • Complete Treatment Program

    • Follow Up Evaluation & Aftercare

    As a recognized substance abuse treatment provider in South Florida, our drug rehab program for teens is dedicated to one thing: your teen’s future. We have multiple goals that we aim to achieve when treating teens and adolescents for substance abuse and mental illness. Our core goals are:

    1. Establishing a Sense of Personal Identity/Enhance Self-Concept
    2. Improve the Control of Their Behaviors Through Critical Problem Solving
    3. Work on Improving Their Interpersonal Relationships and Ability to Relate to Others
    4. Establish and Improve Their Ability to Process Emotions.
    5. Improve social functions, and demonstrating fewer disruptive behaviors such as drug abuse.

    The adolescent program will offer interpersonal psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral, psychotherapy interventions in the group and individual modalities.  We also offer family therapy and educational groups that will allow family members to become a supportive asset in their teen’s recovery process, which has shown to greatly increase success in recovery.

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    of those with an addiction began using before the age of 18.

    Your Treatment Options for Teens & Adolescents in South Florida

    Serving Davie, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hialeah, Miami Gardens, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs and More!

    Even though South Florida is considered the “rehab capital of the U.S.”, there are unfortunately not enough programs that assist teens and adolescents who are struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. When we at Principles Recovery Center saw the need in the South Florida community, we immediately took action and created the Principles Academy for Adolescent Wellness at our Davie, Florida treatment facility.

    When searching for a treatment center for your teen, we believe that the Academy for Adolescent Wellness is the best choice for your teen’s future. Our expert clinical staff truly aims to treat the core issues that lead to mental illness and substance abuse.

    You may be wondering if your child needs rehab, and what about school?

    Don’t worry. Understanding that an adolescent’s academic career is an important element, we created our After-School Recovery Program, which is a specialized intensive outpatient program that allows your teen to get the benefits of inpatient rehab while not missing out on their schooling. Our program offers multiple treatment options that allow your teen to overcome their issues and begin building their new future in recovery.

    The Unique Programs at The Academy for Adolescent Wellness

    The Academy for Adolescent Wellness begins all clients journey’s with psychological testing. Our expert clinical staff utilizes over 10 different types of psychological testing which allows for us to better treat all the issues that are causing destruction in your teen’s life. Some of our psychological tests include:

    • Clinical Interviews
    • IQ Tests
    • Personality Tests & Assesment (Subjective & Objective)
    • Behavioral Tests & Assesment
    • Intelligence Tests
    • Achievement Tests
    • Symptom Checklist
    • Mental Health Screenings & Tests
    • Performance Tests for ADD/ADHD Clients

    These are just some of the psychological tests that we perform during the initial evaluation phase of your teen or adolescent’s treatment process. Once testing is complete and we have the proper diagnosis, our clinical team works together on crafting a truly individualized treatment plan for your child which is put to action when treatment begins.

    While there are many options for teens and adolescents that include inpatient treatment, The Academy for Adolescent Wellness utilizes evidenced-based approaches that allow for continuance in school, while simultaneously working on the issues through our After-School Recovery program. Our After-School Program is designed as an intensive outpatient program specifically built to deal with each of the issues that teens and adolescents face in today’s society. Our intensive outpatient program for teens in South Florida aims to enrich the lives of our local community. Clients and parents alike can expect:

    • After School Sessions, 3 Days a Week
    • Convenient Schedules for Working Families
    • Transport After School to the Program
    • Individualized Treatment Plans
    • 6:1 Client to Therapist Ratio (National Average is 15:1)
    • Individual, Group & Family Therapy Sessions
    • Alumni Events & Workshops
    • Parent & Family Education

    Each client’s treatment stay is unique to their personal situation, however, clients can expect a family-like environment with an expert clinical staff with over 30 years of experience treating substance abuse. Our South Florida teen rehab also offer a step-down outpatient program and individual therapy options for clients who complete our After-School IOP program.

    One of the most important aspects of the treatment process is aftercare planning, which is the process of establishing a follow-up plan and routine for when treatment is completed.

    What happens when my teen completes treatment? Are they cured? What else should we do to help them recover?

    These are some of the typical questions we hear from parents regarding aftercare. There are many misconceptions that once a person completes treatment, they are cured of the issues that lead them there, which is not the case. Recovery from substance abuse and mental illness is a lifelong process that requires continued maintenance, monitoring, and action.

    Part of our aftercare process is ensuring that the client’s family, school, and network are understanding of how to support the newly sober teen, as well as establishing a continued treatment plan and meeting schedule for those who participate in 12 Step meetings as part of their recovery. Our aftercare specialists will work with you and your teen to ensure that the proper measures have been taken to ensure ongoing recovery.

    Perhaps you have heard the concept that addiction is a family disease. This doesn’t mean that everyone in the family is abusing drugs, but that each member has a role in the user’s addiction. For parents of teen’s abusing drugs, it can be easy to think that changing their behaviors is the only thing that needs to change. We believe in treating the entire family unit, to encourage the family members to learn topics and tools such as:

    • Enabling
    • Codependency
    • Co-occurring Mental Illness
    • The Role of the Family in Addiction
    • Family Recovery
    • Family Therapy Sessions

    Our goal is to create a working, healthy family unit that allows the addict to thrive in recovery.

    Addiction and mental health often go hand in hand. The team at Adolescent Wellness Academy is here to treat your teen’s dual diagnosis. The key to long-term recovery from addiction is treating the root of the problem, which is often mental illness. When a teen receives a dual diagnosis, our team creates a personalized treatment plan for their exact needs.

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