How To Get Your Teenager Help For Addiction

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The prevalence of drug addiction is on the rise in our country. The population of people that are impacted by drugs is getting younger with each year. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states that as of 20017, about 19.9. million Americans under age 12 are currently using illicit drugs. This is a bigger problem than most parents realize.

Signs My Teenager Might Have A Drug Addiction

Since teen addiction is on the rise, you should pay attention and look for signs that your teenager may need help.

Pay attention to changes in your teen. Signs such as sleep pattern changes, mood changes, weight, and personal hygiene may indicate that your teen may have a drug addiction. If your teen has changed peer groups, or his or her grades begin to fall, these could also be signs your teen needs addiction treatment. Times, when there is a lot of transition for your teen, may make him or her more susceptible to using drugs. Pay increased attention during puberty, changing schools and a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

What Should I Avoid If I Think My Teenager Has A Drug Addiction?

If you think your teenager has a drug addiction, be careful about being judgmental when it comes to conversations or interactions about your child’s behavior. Do not jump to conclusions about your child’s behavior. You want to provide an environment where your teenager feels comfortable talking to you and asking for help.

Do not leave drugs around in your house. If there is medication that is no longer needed, remove them from the house. Do not leave anything around that could be tempting to your teenager. You should make note of any substances in your home that could be used as a drug. Prescription drug use is a rising problem in the US.

Do not fight with your child’s other parent in front of him or her. You should approach your parenting as a unified front. Both parents should work together to be a team in front of your child. When you have differences, you should resolve them away from your teenager.

What Will An Addiction Treatment Program Provide For My Teenager?

Addiction treatment is delivered in various settings with various different approaches. It has been proven that individual and group therapy is beneficial to help those in recovery stay in recovery and avoid relapse. They learn tools to help them deal better with their feelings and emotions instead of turning to drugs. When it comes to teenagers, it helps to be aware of the group therapy sessions. They can border on negative conversations that focus on fun associated with drug use. It is helpful for a member of the family to be present during those therapies to ensure the direction of the therapy.

What Do I Do If I Think My Teenager Needs Addiction Treatment?

The bottom line is if you think your teenager needs help, get him or her that help immediately. If you think your teen has a drug addiction, you should have him or her evaluated for drug use and have a mental health screening. Many teens who have a drug addiction also have mental health concerns such as anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD, or depression.

When you take your teenager to the doctor for an assessment, the doctor asks many questions to determine how often, if at all, the teen uses drugs. The doctor asks questions to determine any risky behavior in which your child is engaging. You teenager may be given a blood and urine test to see if any drugs are in your teenager’s system. With this information, the doctor should be able to assess if your teen may have an addiction and if a treatment program is needed.

It is important that you invoke the help of the appropriate professionals to provide the help your teen needs. If a treatment program is needed, your child’s doctor may be able to provide a program. You should find out as much information as you can about any potential programs. You should make sure any program in which you are considering for your teenager is experienced with teenagers and can provide them the specialized help that they need. You can research treatment programs online.

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