How to Find Partial Day Mental Health Treatment for Teens

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A child’s teenage and adolescent years are some of the most critical years of their life, especially in growth and development. During this time, children grow their own unique personalities and develop into the human being they were destined to be since birth. With that said, it’s also a time that they experience a rush of new emotions and feelings. Some teenagers understand how to deal with and eventually overcome these emotions – but others don’t. And those that don’t will often turn to drugs, self-harm, isolation, depression, or worse. Partial day mental health treatment for teens is designed to provide treatment around the home or school schedules of teenagers and adolescents.


Nearly 16% of the world’s population is aged 10-19 years old and one in every seven of those aged 10-19 years old will experience a mental disorder during their adolescent years, and nearly half of all teenagers will have used an illegal drug by the time they graduate from high school. Unfortunately, most of these teenagers and adolescents won’t receive the treatment they so desperately need. This will send them down an ugly path in life – as often later in life, symptoms of mental health disorders will only become worse without early treatment. The good news is that help exists, and millions of people are ready and willing.


What is Partial Day Mental Health Treatment?

Partial day mental health treatment, also known as partial hospitalization, is a form of mental health treatment that’s conducted on an outpatient basis – meaning they’re not subject to 24-hour care. Instead, they show up for treatment several hours per day, several days per week.


Typical services conducted in outpatient mental health treatment for teens are family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, skill-building exercises, physical and mental evaluations, medication management, stress management, and other therapeutic techniques. 


A partial day mental health treatment program is generally reserved for those that have a hard time functioning in their day-to-day lifestyle and are either experiencing a mental health or substance use disorder, but are medically stable and not of harm to themselves or others. 


Most residents can expect to attend treatment for six hours per day, up to five days per week. Much like school, transportation is usually provided, and they’re taken to and from their home. They can live their everyday life at home but will be expected to make certain lifestyle changes.


What are the Benefits of Partial Day Mental Health Treatment?

Partial day mental health treatment can be highly beneficial to any teenager that’s ready to receive help for their issues. It helps them overcome their symptoms and harmful behaviors now and puts them in a position to succeed in the future as they continue to develop.


It gives them access to the resources and help they so desperately need. It helps them build coping skills, helps them grow independent from drugs and other harmful substances, increases their self-esteem and confidence, and helps them find a sense of meaning and purpose in life.


Not only that, but it’s usually less expensive than an inpatient program. They’re usually covered (at least partially) by most insurances, they allow the teen to live at home and not feel trapped, and they might not need to take an extended leave from school. It can help turn their life around.


How Does Mental Health Treatment Differ for Teens?

Mental health treatment programs for teens require a unique, personalized, and tailored approach that differs for each individual. Teenagers are still growing and still developing, and their mental health treatment program needs to be prepared to adapt and evolve with it. 


The good news is mental health issues in teens are preventable and treatable. There are things both the teen and their support group (family members, friends, etc.) can do to improve their mental health in the short-term and long-term – and partial hospitalization (PHP) can help. 


How to Find Partial Day Mental Health Treatment for Teens

Are you looking for a partial day Southern Florida mental health treatment program for your teenage son or daughter? Are you constantly worrying over the worst-case scenario if your teenager doesn’t receive the treatment they need? Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and we’re here to help. 


At the Adolescent Wellness Academy, we take a unique approach to ensuring your child has the resources and treatment they need. Our process includes:

  • A psychological evaluation.
  • Final diagnosis.
  • Individualized treatment plan.
  • Complete treatment program.
  • Follow-up evaluation.
  • Aftercare.

Contact us today to learn more about our South Florida teen treatment program and how it can help your teenage child find happiness in their life. We can’t wait to help you and your family succeed.

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