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When it comes to your son or daughter’s health, you do not want to take any chances. Teen mental health and teen mental health treatment are very important topics for parents and caregivers to be aware of. Hormones and social pressures are difficult during the teen years and teens may act out in ways that are troubling. Now with social media and smartphones added to the mix, it can be extremely exhausting being a teenager. Although social media is still relatively new, studies are beginning to come out about the negative impact it can have on a teenagers mental health. Sometimes these negative changes become more severe over time due to underlying mental health disorders and/or substance abuse that require mental health treatment. 

What Is Mental Health Treatment?

Teen mental health treatment is a way of helping teens with mental illness or substance use disorders. Several different types of therapies and counseling exist to help change thoughts, behaviors, emotions and how teens understand and see situations. Medications for mental conditions and substance use disorders offer significant relief for those needing them, helping them to manage symptoms to the point where they can use other strategies in order to achieve recovery. 

Many teen mental health treatment programs employ both counseling and medication. It is important for teens to see trained professionals for any program as medical professionals are trained to tailor teen mental health treatment to meet the needs of each individual teenager. 

Mental health treatment programs can vary by type and intensity, depending on the teen. Common disorders seen in teens are anxiety and depression. At Adolescent Wellness Academy, we offer complete treatment programs, offering psychological evaluations, individualized treatment programs, final diagnoses and follow up evaluations and aftercare programs.  We also offer psychological testing, family programs, dual diagnosis treatment and after-school intensive outpatient programs for teens.

Why It Is Important to Address Mental Health Early on in a Person’s Life

Any mental health problem should be addressed as early as possible. But it is easy for parents to ignore their teens’ mental health, often just passing it off as typical teenage behavior, such as withdrawal, disinterest in participating in events, poor grades, etc. Often, this is because parents are simply unaware or think they will grow out of it, but, addressing mental health early on in a teen’s life is vital. If you are unsure if your teen needs help, you can take our Parent’s Quiz.

Addressing current problems is another reason to get your teen mental health early. The earlier the disorder is found, and treatment is started, the less malignant it will be, just as any other disorder in medicine. Mood disturbances in teens that affect their social, family and academic functioning that go on can grow larger, just like a tumor, and be harder to treat down the road. 

Let Adolescence Wellness Academy Help Your Teen Today

Because there are many risks associated with letting mental health disorders go unaddressed, it is important to find a teen mental health treatment as early as possible. It’s important to listen and be understanding when approaching your teen about their mental health. They may feel less compelled to open up about their feelings if they feel like they’re being judged. 

Medical professionals are aware of the risks of untreated mental health and substance abuse disorders in teens. Adolescent Wellness Academy strives to offer optimal mental health treatment programs for teens struggling with mental illness and substance abuse, offering the tools and support necessary to overcome these obstacles so they can live more fulfilling and successful lives. Contact us today to get the vital teen mental health treatment your loved one needs.


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