Common Mental Health Disorders in Teens That Parents Should Look Out For

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There are some mental health disorders common in teenagers, but it’s not always easy for parents to know the signs to look out for. The sooner parents are able to realize that their child is struggling with their mental health, the quicker it can be treated. Here at Adolescent Wellness Academy,  we feel it’s important to inform parents and share resources on what mental health disorders can look like in teenagers. Within this article we describe what a mental health disorder is, what mental health disorders are common in teenagers, and how we can help at Adolescent Wellness Academy! 

What Is a Mental Health Disorder?

A mental health disorder or a mental illness is a condition that will affect a person’s thinking, feeling, behavior, and mood. Mental Health disorders can impact day-to-day life and may also affect one’s ability to relate to others. Although mental illness is very common in teens it is also very treatable. It’s important to understand that mental illness is also preventable so early intervention is so crucial when dealing with teens who may be struggling with a mental health disorder.  


Denial can play a huge factor in whether or not a parent will get their child early intervention.  If you are concerned about your teen, whether they have a change in their behavior that is significant (such as skipping meals, lacking in energy, not receiving enough sleep, etc.,) or they are experiencing any of the symptoms we have provided below,  you should talk to them. There are various warning signs that your teen may be expressing,  make sure that you pay attention to these signs and if possible, provide/receive intervention as early as possible.


What Are Common Mental Health Disorders in Teens to Look Out For?

One in five teenagers suffer from mental health disorders within the United States. There are many common mental health disorders that teenagers can experience at some point in their adolescence. The most common mental health disorders in teens are:

Generalized Anxiety

In its simplest form, generalized anxiety produces excessive worry. Although it’s considered ‘normal’ to feel anxious from time to time, generalized anxiety is a constant state of anxiety. Even when there is “nothing to feel anxious about”.  Symptoms presented in teenagers include:


  • Feelings of restlessness
  • Becoming easily fatigued
  • Struggling with concentration
  • Experiencing irritability
  • Feeling of tension in muscles
  • Frequent worrying without being able to control it
  • Difficulty sleeping

Social Phobias

These produce severe feelings of self-consciousness and insecurity within social settings.

Symptoms/signs of social anxiety/phobia disorder are:


  • Feeling very anxious when thinking about being around others or talking to others
  • Worrying about being judged by others
  • Experience self-consciousness with a fear of humiliation, embarrassment, and rejection, 
  • Feeling anxious before a social event (this could be days or weeks before)
  • Avoiding places that you know other people will be
  • Struggling to make friends
  • Blushing, trembling, or sweating around others
  • Experiencing nauseous feelings when around others


When depressed, a teen can feel persistent feelings of anxiety, sadness, and even a feeling of emptiness. Being depressed goes beyond just feeling “sad”. Symptoms/signs of depression are:

  • Feeling persistently sad, anxious, and empty
  • Experiencing hopelessness
  • Experiencing pessimism
  • Struggling with being irritable
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness
  • Losing interest in things that used to be enjoyable such as hobbies, and activities
  • Lack of energy
  • Becoming sluggish and moving very slow
  • Feeling restless and struggling with concentration
  • Having problems with memory and/or decision-making
  • Experiencing changes within appetite or weight
  • Thoughout of death or suicide

How Adolescent Wellness Academy Can Help

At Adolescent Wellness Academy, we have a goal of early intervention to help teens who are struggling within our communities.  We want to help them overcome developing issues so that they can be addressed before the issues turn into lifetime struggles. Our facility provides a five-step treatment process that allows us to identify symptoms and behavior issues. This allows us to diagnose your teenager and treat the core problems. Our goal is to give them the tools that they need to have a successful and healthy life. Reach out to us today to get started and to find a treatment that works for you/your teenager! 

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