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The Principles Academy for Adolescent Wellness is a treatment program for teens and adolescents who are suffering from substance abuse, along with co-occurring mental illness. Learn more about our history, our team, and why our program is the best choice for your teen’s future.

A Professional Staff That Cares…

We live in your community. Our kids go to school together. We have heard the difficulties that our neighbors are having in finding the resources they need to help their kids and, we want to help.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with mental health and substance abuse and is led by our Clinical Director, Dr. Jesus Perez, PsyD who specializes in Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Abuse and, who is a father to two teenagers of his own.

Our Clinical Treatment Team

  • Jenn Jacoby LMHC, CCTP
    Jenn Jacoby LMHC, CCTP Clinical Director
  • Abbie Hoff, CAC Clinician, Director of Family Program
  • Joe-Ann Glenn, MS, MHS
    Joe-Ann Glenn, MS, MHS Clinician
  • Benjamin Ziegler
    Benjamin Ziegler Adolescent Clinician
  • Celanie Chenet
    Celanie Chenet Lead Therapist
  • Michael Panzeca
    Michael Panzeca Therapist

Our Mission to Our Community

Our mission is to give teens in our community struggling with substance abuse and mental illness, sufficient support and tools that they need to move forward and overcome these obstacles in order to lead a successful and fulfilling life. The team at Principles Academy for Adolescent Wellness understands how to truly help struggling teens and treat the core issues that are leading to instability in their young lives. Many of our staff have been through many of the same issues themselves and can help your teen build their way to a new future.

Unsure Whether Your Teen Needs Help? Request a Callback. We Can Help.

    Our Operations & Treatment Team

    • Joanie Donahue Chief Executive Officer
    • Frank Cilurso VP of Marketing & Operations
    • Anny Smulevich
      Anny Smulevich Director of Admissions
    • Rebecca Jenkins
      Rebecca Jenkins Case Management
    • Jilynne Tapia Chief Financial Officer
    • Angelina Almonte
      Angelina Almonte Therapist
    • Ali
      Ali Director of Emotional Support

    Why Choose Us?

    • Free Consultation with Our Clinical Team
    • Family Sessions, One-on-One Therapy, & Group Therapy Offerings
    • Parent Addiction & Mental Illness Education Workshops
    • Small Group Sizes, with 6:1 client-therapist ratio. The national average is 15:1.
    • Transport from school is available clients who have working families.

    Don’t Wait. Your Teen’s Future Depends on It.

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